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    Building modular application in Flex

    ilya_k Level 1

      Is it true that if I want to build modular application such that each of my 100+ screen would be a Flex

      module I will end up with 100+ swf-files (modules - loadable entities)? Or I am missing something?




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          jfillman Level 1

          That all depends on how you build your modules. If you create a separate module for each screen, then yes, get a bunch of swf's. You get 1 swf per module in your application. I would question whether each screen really needs to be a separate module, versus a few modules with various states for various screens.


          For example, you might have a collection of screens, like a multi-screen registration form. That should be 1 module, with several states for each screen.


          Hope that helps.



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