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    Oddity in Flash CFChart in PDF

      I have a grpah (CFChart) that I display in a report as TYPE=FLASH but when I try to open the same report as a PDF the FLASH graph causes the page to hang. I can open the PDF with the TYPE=JPG but graph doesn't display (just a icon showing that there should be an image there -- but no image). I'm getting around this by copying the code for the FLASH graph and making it a JPG then using CFFILE to write out the graph to a JPG and displaying a statement that the graph can be viewed online and showing the link. But this seems wasteful and annoying to copy my code twice. I've tried a bunch of imbedded <CFIF> statements within the CFChart but that just messes the graph up and it won't display at all. Addtionally, I want to have the graph saved as a JPG any time the graph is viewed so it can be used as needed, so I do want to keep the CFFILE piece but I don't want to have to write the CFChart out twice on every report. Thanks in advance for your help.