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    Is there a tool for identifying style-ized properties/attributes in mxml

    Paul The Lad

      Hello Everyone,


      With FlashBuilder it is quite easy to work within the mxml file due to the code completion feature. The same holds true when I try to use code completion for any css files that I'm including in my flex apllication. But often enough, without switching to a css file and trying to type out the name of a property and seeing if there is a code completion for it ... I don't know which of the properties can be moved to style sheets and which can not. I could ofcourse refer to the docs but that is an even slower process.


      Does adobe or any one out there on the web (that you know of) offer a tool to look over all the *.mxml files and spit out a list of all the attributes/properties that one could afford to move-out into style sheets?