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    Workflow & Tools, where does this product fit?

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      Hi all, I just upgraded to CS5 Master Suite from CS4 and noticed this addition. I have a project in mind, but don't understand (yet) where Catalyst fits in, even though I have gone thru the Ecotours tut. Here is a description of a DVD (data) project in it's last incarnation:


      I Used Director 11.5 to develop an introduction to the data DVD that included several video files in a common frame and a link out to a Camtasia MenuMaker application (basically, just a menu used to access PDFs, Movies, Word Docs, and Audio files).


      The Camtasia MenuMaker program is very simplistic, but only takes about an hour or so to create a layered menu structure to kick off whatever filetype that you want, as long as the player for the filetype is on the system. It does no checking, and has no control over the playback.


      I want to upgrade this homegrown application into something more robust, but I also want to keep it simple. If there is a way to create a link in Catalyst that will play a movie, open a PDF or Word file (or whatever)?


      And if the answer is Flash Builder, I'm afraid I don't know what that means. I have used FLASH CS4, and understand that, but found it too complicated to create a menu structure and do what Camtasia MenuMaker did in one afternoon.CS5 did nothing to help there that I can make out...but this product offers some hope.


      But in short, I want to build a front-end for a collection of media on a DVD, so what do you suggest? Thx so much!



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          It sounds like what you want is some kind of local app that replaces the Director/menu solution. Closest you can get in the Adobe suite is an AIR. The AIR runtime when installed on a computer allows you to run apps built from swf's, pdfs, and/or html. It also has API's for file I/O and native application launching for files. You can write the app in Flash CS5 and output the air package to install.


          As for Catalyst: it's really a tool to quickly take visual designs of rich apps (PS and Ai files for example) and wire them up to components in the flex 4 framework with state changes etc. So you could build the menu components in Catalyst, open it in Flash Builder to add in the extra code to make calls and export the air app from there.


          Now if you want the app to be on the disc itself and just launch from there you'll need to look at third party exe/.app wrappers like zinc.