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    camera raw crash

    vinsolo-TR1ZPE Level 1

      I use imac 4 core i7, 8GB ram, os 10.6.3


      Trial install of CS5 extd.


      Open NEF file in camera raw (have tried 6.0 and 6.1)  Select spotting brush. Proceed to correct dust spots, etc. When I need to remove spotting circles to evaluate the image, I press "v". Spotting circles hidden, as expected.


      When press "v" to show spotting circles again, camera raw (and image) are immediately gone from screen. There is a loud "click" which occurs simultaneously with the losing of the image. There is no dialog box and no crash report is generated. PSCS5 itself does not crash.


      I downloaded camera raw 6.1 and get same problem. Have uninstalled CS5  and reinstalled to get back to camera raw 6.0. Still same problem.


      Have no problems with CS4 and camera raw.


      Grateful for any advice.

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          Sounds like ACR is exiting prematurely, not exactly crashing.


          Hopefully the ACR team can reproduce this and get it fixed soon.

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            vinsolo-TR1ZPE Level 1

            I have just discovered that I have the same problems (see earlier post above) using CS4 and Camera Raw 5.7 as I described in using CS5 and Camera Raw 6.0 and 6.1.


            The acr window suddenly closes if i hit "v" (to hide) while in spot brush routine and then hit "v" a second time (to reveal). Happens now with CS4 and CS5. The only difference is that with CS4 the image opens in Photoshop while in CS5 the image disappears.


            I am suspecting that perhaps there is something wrong with my system. Any ideas before I have to reformat and reinstall ???


            iMac 4 core, 8GB,os 10.6.3

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              vinsolo-TR1ZPE Level 1



              I thank you and apologize to you and all readers.


              My problems with photoshop and camera raw were due to use of a utility app called TYPINATOR. It apparently intercepted  the keyboard shortcuts and resulted in the bizarre behavior that I was having with camera raw.


              I disabled TYPINATOR and this behavior has ceased.




              I admit to being a moron. No need to aggravate the ACR team!

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                Not your fault -- sometimes OS extensions and utilties will have bugs that cause conflicts with certain programs (and not necessarily others).

                Glad you found the cause.


                And you should try the new version - if it doesn't work, contact the author and let them know about the problem.

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