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    Constraining a grid other then with an absolute height.

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      I have a calendar of events type application I am building as a proposal
      to redo a venerable application with flex.

      I have the basic main page constructed and it work well with just one
      minor annoyance. The main display consists of an absolute application
      containing a single Panel. This panel is constrained to 25 pixels from
      the top, bottom, left and right edges of the application container.

      The panel is also configured as an absolute layout, containing an HBox
      container with navigation controls positioned at the top, a small grid
      of the days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, ect.) below the HBox. Then
      comes the meat of the display, a second grid containing all the days of
      the displayed month each showing a list of events.

      This grid is where I am having difficulty. If I give it an absolute
      height (300) it works the way I want in that a scroll bar is generated
      allowing the user the scroll through all the days and events inside the
      300 pixel high box in the middle of the application. But then it is
      hard coded to 300 pixels high meaning that if the browser display is
      large enough a portion of the panel space is blank because the grid can
      not expand to fill it.

      But if I give the grid less absolute positioning, either percentages or
      position it's edges (top, bottom, ect) within the panel, the size is not
      enforced. The entire application is expanded to contain all the days
      and events and the entire application then scrolls. Thus losing the
      navigation controls off the top of the browser canvas when the user
      scrolls down.

      Is there some way to constrain the grid to a certain section of the
      panel so that it grows and shrinks in relationship to the panel but
      still not allow it to grow in relationship to the number and size of the
      rows and cells inside it?

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