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    compile flex file

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      i create the flex project in flex 4 and eclipse.

      my project name: Registration

      i have three registration in this project.



          3. thirdreg.mxml

          three  registration page is also  connected the database using java and actionscript.


          the java file is mentioned in remote-config file destination name is camp.

          i was compiled the firstreg.mxml using ant the fields are added in database successfuly.

          but i am using homepage.mxml contains the link the three registration  mxml files and compile homepage.mxml using ant.

          i click the link of firstreg in homepage the error is



      MessagingError message='Destination  'camp' either does not exist or the destination has no channels defined  (and the application does not define any default channels.)']


      when i compiled the separate registration files i can get the result.

      but i can't compile three registration files at the same time

      how i find the solution

      anyone  can help me