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    Why oh why won't AE CS5 run under XP Pro 64 bit?


      Francly, i'm getting fed up of this stupid CG world we live in where users have to juggle and zig zag in between the permanent idiotic capitalistic software development battles going on way above our heads for teh sake of profit.


      I have a little pipeline  of 20 machines, couple of servers, couple of workstations and a bunch of render nodes. 80% which were set up with Vista (Pro Ultimatte and Business) had to be downgraded to XP Pro 64 for compatibity issues with some of the tools i was using, plug ins for 3ds max and AE mostly. believe it or not, downgrading from this piece of crap Vista did cost me money! ...and now that it is all finally running properly... the one tool i use for compositing in my pipeline that is AT LAST (and the last tool of its kind!!!!) 64 bit native.... WILL NOT RUN UNDER XP 64!!!! Which means that just because for reasons i absolutely ignore Adobe is forcing me to upgrade all operating systems on my network in order to finally benefit of what AE should have been able to do already for at least over a year! Wow! great marketting plan!


      So i'm asking two questions here... and excuse my lack of formality....


      1 -  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?????!!!!


      2 - What are my options if i want to upgrade to AE and Premiere cs5 in order to finally make a full use of those within the 64 bit pipeline (that all my other tools are already set up for ...for years!!!!) without having to spend s#itloads extra in operating systems and other consequent upgrades? Cause as much as i'm willing to go with the flow... i'm just fed up with wasting my money over political decisions ADOBE, AUTODESK, MICROSOFT and more are making just to squeeze a little more each time.




      Adriano Zanetti

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It's called progress. As to why you never bothered to upgrade your MAX and its plug-ins and whatever other tools you use is your own decision. AFAIK, MAX 2010 is certified for Windows 7. That aside, you can't exactly blame Adobe for limiting choices that when e.g. even NVidia only support the CUDA features in Premiere Pro on W7. Like it or not, you got yourself in this pinch...



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            AdrianoZanetti Level 1

            Obviously you did not really read my post, so i'm gonna make it more clear.


            I was forced to downgrade to XP pro 64 bit in order to follow what you call "progress", in order to use new tools, new releases, new possibilities, such a Nvidia PhysX related tools which would not run under Vista 64 at that time.


            Now instead of shooting in my legs and make me look like i belong to the prehistoric times, try to answer my question honestly and properly since you bother doing so. Not developping CS5 for XP 64 is either an agreement made with Microsoft, or a way to cut down costs on a development that was already a big fat money pit since it took ages to finally come up with a 64 bit version Premiere and AE, after YEARS of existence of 64 bit systems. You can try to make me look as dumb and bad as you want... but those are facts that don't make Adobe's purpose and motives look very neat.


            Now to read from a "community professional" that what i thought was my legitimate request as a commercial user and active member of the industry is basically irrelevant because "it's all my own fault"... wow!


            Now i don't have access to the same information you have it seems, but look at the amount of users who are still working in the caves like me running Win XP 64 for similar reasons and tell me if it is a considerate choice from Adobe to neglect them. As most professional in this business, i like to be informed and NOT FORCED! Seems fairly decent to expect from Adobe to be notified earlier... much earlier than on the release date of the upgrade that my set up will be obsolete!


            And for the very same reasons i did not renew my Autodesk subscriptions... i shall not upgrade to CS5 and will look an other way to find a cheaper more "personal/people" oriented solution, one where the support will not slap in my face "it's you own fault" like ADSK and Adobe do when you tickle relevant topics.


            Conclusion, i don't like it... and i don't feel i've put myself in this pinch, but thanks for your answer Mylenium, i'm one step closer to invest in The Foundry Nuke as a compositing solution and open source alternative for editing.



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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > Seems fairly decent to expect from Adobe to be notified earlier... much earlier than on the release date of the upgrade that my set up will be obsolete



              We did communicate the system requirements before the release date. This system requirements page went live three weeks before CS5 was released.


              And we were talking publicly about the system requirements even before that, such as this post.


              As to why we didn't develop and test After Effects CS5 for Windows XP: Every operating system that we develop and test for takes extra time and resources, which means that fewer features get in. Also, 64-bit Windows XP is just not a modern operating system; Windows Vista and Windows 7 deliver much better performance and memory handling. Given that we wanted to deliver the best possible memory and performance experience to customers with After Effects CS5, it made sense to focus on these two modern Windows operating systems.


              By the way, this is a user-to-user forum---a place for After Effects users to talk amongst themselves. It isn't the best place to ask questions about why Adobe did something. If you want to go straight to the source and get answers to questions like this, then talk with Michael Coleman, the product manager for After Effects. He has these sorts of conversations on his blog.

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                AdrianoZanetti Level 1

                You can't be serious and answer something like that... 3 weeks before the release or on the release date? what difference does that make over a 2 years development period? And that post you refering to... i guess i didn't get the memo , sorry i don't keep a close eye on the thousands of post concerning Adobe's devlopment, i'm sorta busy doing my job, which is to produce content, and i was expecting Adobe to do a bit more of his which is ALSO to keep his clients posted with major relevant matter like this along their production schedule and if real time is too much to ask, well at least receving a notification about it would have been appreciated, as i do believe Adobe knows about my system set up as all these infos were filled in and provided to you guys when i purchased CS4.... not too sure what your database is meant for then. But anyway, i'm sorry, but i can't go on with this "conversation" and you're right, this is not the place indeed. Eventually i like face to face discussions better, i'll drag myself to one of those Adobe meetings next time it happens around here and perhaps have a chat with one fo the manager if they're there and available. For the same kinda matter, i'm looking forward to meet Shane Griffith in utrecht at EUE, those email and forum conversation are way too impersonal and open to wrong interpretations.


                Thanks for your time, Myllenium and Todd (oops).





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                  yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                  Adriano, I can understand how you feel about using Windows XP 64. A couple of month before CS4 (yup CS4) shipped, I bought a Win64 Version because I didn't want to move on Windows Vista. Like you I was expecting to have all my software running correctly.


                  Then CS4 was released, and Win64 was not officially supported. Yes I could install and use AE CS4 on XP 64b, but if I had a problem I knew I couldn't get support. So I decided to move to Win Vista 64, and eventually Win7 x64 when I learned that AE was going to be 64bit only.


                  Now I probably don't have as much CG software as you, but I had such problem of software compatibily between different Oses. And on this one, I wonder why you thought Win XP64 would be supported by AE CS5 as it was already dropped by AE CS4. In the end, I agree with you, Adobe should have announced the supported OS when they announced 64bit, they should have highlighted the fact that XP64 was not supported, but in the same time, as a CG professional it's your job also to check software requirement before upgrade/invest. And considering that XP64 was dropped in CS4 (but CS4 would install, and run nicely without any major bugs) you should have guessed that it won't be supported.


                  In the end, we can't always be aware of every new little thing in any new software release, but a switch from 32b to 64bit is indeed a huge step, and the media coverage of the announcement was big enough for anyone in the CG industry to notice.


                  But once again, I've been there before, and I feel your pain.

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                    AdrianoZanetti Level 1

                    Thanks, man, Appreciated, and you're right i sure could have tried to keep track a bit harder of what was going on, but what irritates me above all in this is Adobe's attitude. When all other compositing and editing solution out there are still optimized or at least still developed for XP 64, well Adobe just decides not to anymore... Why? simply cause they think "We're Adobe... so we can!" ...Not acceptable and defenitely a deal breaker for me as i know from now on that I can not expect more consideration from big developers and will look for a smaller solution where each end user matters! Nuke, Toxik, Combustion, Fusion are all XP 64 compatible... AE CS5... No! And its development was started when XP 64 was probably still the most Windows based operating system used in production, production proof system, unlike Vista.


                    Anyway, no big deal, I'll keep working in CS4 til it's time to update again, eventually i'll upgrade my whole pipeline to W7, but it's not sure i will stick to Adobe, upgrading to Windows 8 to get CS6 will probably tickle me the same way it does now.





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                      yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                      Ho yes, so true. I'm also sometimes frustrated at Adobe as a whole, because, to me, they put some dev ressources too much on some software and less on other (that are more important to me). For instance, I was really surprised when I discovered that the whole AE team is just composed of 40 people (out of 6000+ total Adobe employees).

                      So I guess it also explains why supporting older OSes was in jeoperdy when they decided to move to CS5. I'm not trying to be the devil's advocate, or Adobe attorney on this one, but if the AE team could get a little bit more love from their parent company, I'm sure we'll all'd be happier in the end of the day

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                        AdrianoZanetti Level 1

                        I had no idea about the size of the AE team, but that explains a lot, and for that matter i do have to grant THEM credits for the work they do. But these decisions taken above their heads over what to develop and what not to and with what resource.... GRRRrrrrr! But still, AE is their only real motion design product!? They could really invest a bit more in it. ADSK has, Inferno, Flame, smoke, combustion, toxik and so on.... And for that matter i can understand that depending on your needs and budget consequent hardware and oerating systems restrictions will occur. But for AE? What? like it's the next groundbreaking step of the motion design techonology and consequently deserve privileges??? Naahhh.... it's simply finally 64 bit native, period.... you don't get an award for that when you 2 years too late... and not an excuse to disregard OSs that are still so heavily being used. I keep my position on this ...politics and quick profit!





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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          I just deleted a post on this thread for inappropriate content.

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                            "Windows Vista and Windows 7 deliver much better performance and memory handling" !!!!!!!!