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    CS5 Master Collection D.V.D"s

    animationlife Level 1

      OK, I received my CS5 Master Collection Today. I installed the D.V.D's. I received 4 D.V.D's...  There was 2 D.V.D for The Applications. I D.V.D for the Acrobat 9 Pro. And 1 D.V.D for the Content.


      I noticed there is 5 Serial Numbers in the back of Jewl Box or the CD Box.


      I called Adobe Activation, and the Lady told me,  Because I am using the English version don't need the 5Th D.V.D.


      Then I talked to her Supervisor, and she told me it seems like you are missing the Last D.V.D, so they have to ship me the missing D.V.D.

      What is the 5th D.V.D, that I am missing.


      Also, when I installed the Acrobat 9 pro, the short cut in my Desk top works fine, but when I go to my programs and I click on Acrobat 9 pro, it keeps on saying installing the program, the it Lunches the Acrobat.

      Any help please