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    SSL V3.0 client certificate

      How can I connect to a web service that required SSL V3.0 client certificates using CFMX?

      I'm trying to use a client certificate to connect via CFHTTP to a secure website and I'm getting a "403.7 - Forbidden: Client certificate required" error. I correctly installed the website cert using the instructions here:
      http://www.talkingtree.com/blog/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=25AA75A4-45A6-2844-7CA3EECD842D B576

      When I access the secure site using IE, I'm prompted to use the installed client certificate and then I am able to view the secure content without any 403 errors.

      After continuing to research the issue, I read in this post that CFMX7.01 doesn't support SSL V3.0 protocol:

      Is anyone using SSL V3.0 client certificates with CFMX7.01? Is this an Adobe issue or java issue? Are there any work-arounds?