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    Code syntax error in header using a template?


      Now running CS5 DW in a 32 bit Windows/Vista ultimate environment. The improved error messages have brought to light a problem that I apparently have had for a long time but didn't know it as CS4 simply flagged the line but no message.


      Many of my site pages use a template http://a0540807.uscgaux.info/Templates/A0540807_Skeleton_2010.dwt

      If I build or edit a page using this template in CS5, when in code view I see "There is a syntax error on line 57. Code hinting may not work until you fix this error.  Line 57 is within the header of the page and is simply </script>

      But if I simply detach the template from the page, the error goes away and it says no syntax errors.

      So I am confused, is there an issue with the code or is this a Dreamweaver issue dealing with template usage?

      While the error appears cosmetic, I keep wondering what to do to eliminate. Apparently, I have had this situation a long time as Line 57 is also identified back in CS4 but no error message until CS5. Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks.