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    Calling several SWF from each other ?

    Saladin2005 Level 1

      Suppose you have 3 section on your project HOME, ABOUT, and CONTACT... is that possible to create one SWF for each section and call each one of them from the HOME page ? or you have to create ONLY ONE "SUPER HEAVY LOADED" SWF ??? thank you for your help.

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Saladin,


          The best way to do something like this is with Flash Catalyst's "Pages/States" feature.  Each major "screen" or "page" of your site would be one state.  Catalyst then lets you author rich, animated transitions between the states and share common elements (headers, search field, etc.) across multiple states.


          Most of your SWF size will come from image assets embedded within the SWF.  There are a few ways you can keep SWF size minimized:


          1. Move large images outside the SWF -- if an image isn't visible in the initial (home) state, it then won't be downloaded until the user visits a different state.  To do this, right-click an image in the Library panel and choose "Convert to Linked Image."
          2. Be sure all your images are an appropriate size for the web.  E.g. if you have a large image from your digital camera, resize it smaller before importing into Catalyst.
          3. Adjust compression settings -- especially if you originally imported some images as PNGs.  To do this, right-click an image in the Library panel and choose "Compression Options" (or compress it before importing, using a program like Photoshop).


          I hope that helps!


          - Peter