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    Spectacularly poor rendering performance on top Mac & CS5


      Hi folks,


      I have read all FAQs

      I am a ten year AFX veteran

      I have installed CS5 last week;


      MY Hardware:

      Month old machine,

      MacPro I7 2.93GHz 8/16 cores

      32Gb of RAM

      8Tb of Disk space (new drives)



      I have tried just about all possible settings. The least offensive:

      Render multiple frames is on.

      Dedicated CPUs: 8 (out of 16 virtual).

      Dedicated RAM per core: 1.5 Gb

      Cache is on



      A single 10 minute ProRes 422(HQ)video @ 1920x1080p

      File is sitting on one of the 7200rpm drive.

      Two cuts with no layer overlaps is the ONLY thing I am doing.

      No effects,

      No lights,

      No 3D,

      No masks,

      No featherings of any kind,

      No speed manipulations.

      Just striaght writing a new file in ProRes 422(HQ) with two non-overlapping cuts.


      Time required for render:  3.5 hours.


      This is the absolute worst performance I have ever gotten out of AFX... and I have used AFX for over ten years almost every day.


      Of course I can do the same project in FCP or even in Quicktime7 edit in less than 5 minutes. That is not the point.

      Something is badly amiss somewhere in this setup and I cannot find out what it is.


      Anyone has the same experience?



      Jean Piché

      Université de Montréal





      Hi again,



      Thought I would describe the "rendering information" while it renders:


      Whilerendering, AFX seems to startoff like a bomb (as it shoud) and gives mean estimated 20 minute render for the project. That is for the first500 frames. As it gets further, it slows down dramatically andeventually settles to a pace that involves running around in circlesdoing humongous page swaps and staying on the same frame for close to aminute and then writing 10 or 15 frames and then jamming in swap again.


      Myactivity monitor shows shows all 12 requested CPUs with their 1.5 Gbfully loaded and AFX itself running about 7Gb. When the swapping ishappening, all cpus are sitting back at close to 0% workload while thesystem does god knows what. I am showing close to 60 Gb in page ins andpage outs... when in fact the whole source video could be fitted in aquater of the RAM that is availlable.


      BTW, turning off Render Multiple Frames does not improve matters.. nor does it make it significantly worse.





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