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    Camera Raw 6.1 update


      I am having a problem downloading CR 6.1 on Windows XP with CS5 Standard.  After extracting files and running download Patch a black screen appears with Progress and then displays the notice that I have to exit CS5 and Bridge for the download to Continue.  Neither of these programs are open.  I rebooted computer and it eliminated CS 5 leaving Bridge as the program to close.  I rebooted computer again hoping it might clear Bridge but it did not.  Would appreciate suggestions or solution.  Thanks.  GH

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          Michelle Qi Adobe Employee

          You probably have turned on "running Bridge in stealth mode." You can close Br by either right click the br icon on the lower right of the windows task tray, then fully qiut br from there, or just remove br from your task manager.



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            flyfisher2 Level 1

            Thanks Michelle for your suggestions, however I am unable to get any results from right click Bridge Icon and remove, not am I smart enought to do Task Manager.  Nor am I able to find or remove 'stealth mode" opening Bridge.  Perhaps I might be better waiting for the final update.  Thanks so much.  GH 

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              Robert Shomler Level 4

              The final update will encounter the same situation.  Bridge is running and must be closed before you can apply any update.


              To open the task manager, right click on an empty space in the task bar area at the bottom of the screen and select Task Manager.  In the task manager panel, click on the Applications tab, where you should see the Bridge icon [Br] followed by a folder name.  Highlight this line (with the Br icon) then click on the End Task button at the bottom of this panel.  This should cause Bridge to terminate.


              A way to avoid this in the future: remove 'stealth  mode" opening Bridge.  In Bridge, go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced and uncheck Start Bridge at Login, click OK.  Then close Bridge.


              If you were unable to close Bridge via the task manager and have unchecked Start Bridge at Login, reboot your system.  Bridge should not be running now with this preference option unchecked.  Hopefully now you should be able to install the update.

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                flyfisher2 Level 1

                Thank you very much for your helpful assistance.  Uncheck Start Bridge was

                the problem and I rebooted and the Update was properly installed.  Gale