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    PPro CS5: Exporting MPEG-2 causes larger files than PPro CS4

    pvpcom20 Level 1

      Hi Community,


      I just tested some renderings. The Source-File is a DV PAL AVI 25i 720x576 File with a duration of 9 Minutes, 11 Seconds.


      Rendered with CS4 MPEG-2, 6 MBit CBR

      Filesize: 432.918.532 Bytes (= 412 MB)


      Rendered with CS5 MPEG-2, 6 MBit CBR

      Filesize: 479.170.560 Bytes (= 456 MB)


      that's more than 10% more of a CS4-File, rendered with exact same settings.


      A) Why does the same encoding cause larger Files in CS5?

      B) Is the Picture-Quality of CS5 Files better?


      C) Is there a difference rendering MPEG2-Files in CS5 with GPU On an Off (=software)?


      In a test i can't make a difference - same filesize, same rendering-duration, same quality as i can see.


      Thank you.