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    Adobe's policy on distribution




      Hi I would like to know what adobe's policy for distribution of Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player.


      I don’t know quite how to word this so I will tell you what I would like to do.


      I am a tech in a small computer store and one of my jobs is to program (install) windows onto refurbished computers Dell, IBM, Compaq etc.

      From time to time I get customers call us saying that "I can't open these files" .pdf or "I can't watch YouTube" and it takes time to 1st find out that they are missing software and then to help them download and install the software (Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player) I would like to install these programs onto the computers before I sell them. Is there anything special I would need to do to get permission to do this or am I allowed to install Adobe software on a AS IS basis for the customer?


      Any information you can provide will be help full.