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    Codecs and Video

    frogmike Level 1

      I've looked around the forums and net, but can't find any good answers. I'm trying to edit some footage that came from my D90 (AVI, J-MPEG type I believe). I eventually downloaded the package (forget the name) that would allow me to play it properly in premiere. Downside being, there's a smiley face in the top right corner which is BS, so I uninstalled it. Even though my file will play correctly, and new sequences I start will not play the footage properly, instead it plays one from from each clip.


      Can anyone please tell me what sequence settings I should start of with? And should/can I download any codec packages that don't have watermarks? Its really irritating to me that I can't play the single most common type of video file I'll be dealing with properly with a professional editing suite like premiere.


      On that note, does anyone know the best export setting to go with? I've tried H264 with various codecs, but it always seems to lag when I play the video in windows media player, and the video is "brightened" (grey blacks ie) in quicktime. I've adjusted the export quality to a variety of degrees, yet I can't seem to find the happy spot.


      Can anyone help please? Thanks.