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    Black appears grey....


      Ok... i'm sure everyone gets bored of this question but i have a rich black when i draw and fill with the pen tool and when i use brushes and strokes black comes out as 100k black... which is grey, whats the deal with this? My black preferences are all set to display as rich black.



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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which color mode are you working in?


          You should examine the color of the brush tips you used. Those brush tips should be in 100% black resp. RGB 000 depending on your color mode. If they aren't , the color you assign to the stroke later will not be exact.


          To examine them, drag them out of the brushes palette.


          Edit them if necessary and drag them back in, pressing the ALT-Key.

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            rob240185 Level 1

            yeah, it seems to be something to do with that, i'm new to illustrator but been using photoshop for years. Im just using the calligraphy brushes in the brushes palette, they all see to be didderent variants of grey and i'm finding it difficult to work out how to change the stroke colour. I guess i'll have to keep experimenting.


            thanks for your help.

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              Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Which calligraphy brushes do you use - the ones based on that elliptic form? Or art-brushes that are just named calligraphy


              If that is the case, could you perhaps post a screenshot showing you path (selected), the appearance palette (with all attributes in view) and the layers palette (also showing the objects, not only the layers).

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                rob240185 Level 1

                I was just using the standard tapered sharp brush in the art brushes and applied it to a path..... trying to find the best way of creating a swirl graphic kinda thing. It was something to do with the swatch options, but i'm not sure how to get it back to how it was so i could show a screen shot... not that i'm complaining.

                As i said i've only just started using illustrator and theres alot i dont understand, it seems more confusing to me than photoshop... like i dont really understand the presence of layers at the moment when everything can be treated as an object.

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                  Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  So the rich black brush stroke is working for you now?


                  Color, color management and color modes is one of the basics you should dive rather deep into from the beginning, since it has an impact on printing your work successfully.


                  You're right about layers. Layers in Illustrator help you to organize stuff kind of like groups do. You can do far more tricky things with them, but you need not bother about that until you've got a deeper knowledge of Illustrator - it will most probably not get into your way.

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                    rob240185 Level 1

                    Yeah... i gathered the layers were similar to groups. I've just started out as a freelance but my background is in spatial design, i.e exhibition design etc so most of my work is done in 3dprogrammes and photoshop but i'm increasingly finding the need for graphic design and vector art and shapes etc so i'm trying to get my head around illustrator and indesign at the same time.... so much to learn!


                    But yeah the rich black brush is working now thanks to some of your pointers!!