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    I need a Flash expert to help me urgently!


      This is a long shot and forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong forum-


      I am a web designer and I have a client who has asked me to do a project for him very quickly in Flash. He's given me a template and, whilst Flash isn't my strong point, I've been fine customing it for him as he wanted it.


      But now I'm totally stuck because he wants me to work with the action script and I've come completely unstuck. If I was working in Dreamweaver I'd be fine, and I have a feeling the problem would be a piece of cake to a Flash expert.


      Is there anyone who could spare me 10 mins of their time? I could zip up the template and let them have a look at it?


      If this is the wrong place then can someone suggest somewhere I else I could go?


      Be kind to me!