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    Sizing jpg or gif images to use in DW

    Linda Catalina

      Being new I am unaccustomed to the sizing (pixels) as much as I probably should be. I have Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, etc. I understand that you should use images of titles, etc. that you want to use different fonts for since your recipients fonts will affect the way your webpage appears. My problem is this. It appeared that I had about 600 pixels wide and 70 pixels  high for the space that I wanted to put the title of a newsletter in. When I tried to create the title in Photoshop it comes in way too small or way to big. Not sure what I should be doing. Also, I then read that everything you put in your website should be really small. Is there a standard size of things that I should be trying to create? Is there information somewhere that I can research to help me understand the pixel sizes more and how to achieve them?