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    Adobe's Akamai vs Rapidshare -


      Dear Adobe Support,


      I've spent last two hours reading all the possible FAQs and other help in getting this Akamai download sw work. I was not able to make it work neither in IE7 nor in Firefox 3.6. - I'm not an IT guru though in principle IT literate.


      All of this brought me to a slightly deeper thinking. Here are some of my thoughts:


      1) Why do you make it so difficult to download a product which I purchased? (I was able to download CS2, CS3 a couple of years ago without any single problem.)


      2) I can get my CS5 fully working in less than 5min when I download from Rapidshare or any other warez site.


      3) Why is it much simpler to act illegally than legally? (And you do make it really difficult.)


      4) I see than I am one of many of your customers who struggle with this piece of sw. Why do you make lifes of your customers difficult? - We are paying customers. We are in generall quite happy with your products. Why???



      I would appreciate help from Adobe support which would help me to get what I've paid for. - Thank you,


      Best regards,


      Stan V.

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          j'ai exactement la même remarque que monsieur.


          Je ne comprend pas l'intérêt d'un tel système, ou il est plus facile de télécharger illégalement que légalement!!!


          Après plusieurs tentatives infructueuses de l'installation du logiciel de téléchargement AKAMAI,

          et une rapide demande par téléphone au support Adobe, qui n'avait aucune solution à part de me dire d'installer Firefox,

          je me résous à télécharger la VERSION D'EVALUATION qui elle se dispense du système de téléchargement AKAMAI.


          Pour résumer, il est plus facile de télécharger si on n'est pas CLIENT chez Adobe...




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            ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            I can't answer for Adobe, just trying to help here - but if you're  having issues with the Akamai Download Manager, here  are the direct download links for the official trials for all Adobe  CS5 products:




            They cover  all platforms (Windows and Mac) and most major languages (English,  Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian,  Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish).



            If you're having other issues with CS5 download  or installation, the techniques outlined in this article have helped  others: