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    Regarding "Complimentary CS4" components with upgrade to CS5


      I have a Win7 Pro 32bit laptop and and Win7 Pro 64 bit workstation.  I've enjoyed legal copies of CS3 running on both.  I sat out the CS4 upgrade waiting for CS5. I would like to buy and load a single copy of CS5 onto both works

      tations, but there's some confusion in info about whether or not CS5 will run AT ALL on a 32 bit system.  Then, I ran across this post on an CS5 blog / forum:


      Q:  What if I buy CS5 but don’t have a 64-bit computer yet?

      A:  If you decide to buy CS5 Production Premium, CS5 Master Collection, Premiere Pro CS5, or After Effects CS5, then complimentary 32-bit compatible versions of Premiere Pro CS4 and After Effects CS4 will be provided with your purchase.


      Additional information was that the CS5 components not listed above could run under a 32bit system, but perform faster in 64 bit mode.   Cool.  I don't care about the video stuff for my laptop anyway.   Can someone confirm the answer above, and how one would go about getting those complimentary versions of 32bit  Premiere Pro CS4? This is the only thing holding me up from purchasing CS5 or a CS5 upgrade.  By the way, it's more pain than it's worth to upgrade a win7 32 bit pro to 64 bit.  I have to buy a whole new copy of the OS outright as well as throw in the extra GB on a laptop.  And my laptop's doin' just fine!


      Thanks in advance,


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          It's true - when you purchase the full or upgrade version of Production Premium or Master Collection, you get a special 32-bit support package (details and usage here).


          The only inaccuracy in what's posted above whether you also get that when you purchase the individual point products.  That FAQ continues to say that you do - however we've been in touch with Adobe to correct that, because in fact you don't.  Currently you need to buy one of the CS5 suite editions to get those CS4 versions of Premiere Pro or After Effects for 32-bit situations.  It would be nice if the FAQ was right though; perhaps with luck they'll start offering it by popular demand.