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    ACR 6.1 & Lightroom:  extreme lag when exported from lightroom in to CS5


      I recently installed photoshop cs5 and have been using it with lightroom 2.7 and lightroom 3beta.

      The other day I downloaded and installed adobe camera raw 6.1.  now every time I export a raw file into cs5 for editing, I get EXTREME levels of lag when I try to use filters like smart sharpen or surface blur.  I checked my CPU performance, and it spikes to %99 CPU usage while CS5 tries to apply a smart sharpen filter.


      When I export files into cs4, I have no problems applying these filters.  They're fast and quick.

      When I directly import a raw file into CS5 using photoshops raw converter, I dont experience this lag running filters at all.


      So i'm concluding that the ACR6.1 update is somehow incompatible with lightroom 2.7 when used in conjunction with photoshop cs5.

      can someone please help!?


      **one interesting thing  i discovered is that I dont experience any system lag when I import the raw files directly into ACR from my computer.

      The problem only occurs when I first open the RAW files in lightroom, then export them to CS5 for editing.

      The problem also occurs when I try to edit any TIFF files that were originally converted using lightroom.


      I upgraded to cs5, and I still have cs4 installed on my mac pro.


      I use lightroom exclusively for my photography workflow.