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    Troubleshooting! Some experiences...

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      Every once in a while we all encounter problems.


      Here is what happened to me and I can only blame myself, I should have thought about the outcome earlier.


      I pulled out my HD4870, bought a GFX-480,  installed it and figured I could use two 6 pin PCIe cables. Not so, hence the three beeps when booting. Exchanged the  card and remarked that I had tried it with two 6 pin cables, so they  gave me a 8 pin PCIe cable. Installed the new card and connected the 8  pin and the 6 pin cable, tried to start and nothing, not even a fan moving.

      Called  the supplier of my components and they expected it to be either the PSU or the mobo. I had to give them the bare components and not bring in  my system, so I took my system apart and took the PSU and the bare mobo  (without memory, or CPU cooler) to them and they tested both. Mobo  failed, so I got a new one. Reassembled everything, pressed the ON button and NOTHING, just like before.

      Called  the supplier again and this time I convinced them to bring my whole system without the disassembly. Brought it in.  They removed the raid  controller and the video card, used their own video card and the system  started. They inserted the raid controller with their video card and it  started, so the suspicion was the video card. This was a brand new card that had not been used once. Tested it with their own power supply and the video card worked, so the  next culprit was my PSU, but it tested ok. Finally is appeared to be the  8 pin cable I had been given and exchanging just that cable was the  solution. Video worked, raid controller worked, just as it had always done previously.

      Came  home with my system, turned it on and found a missing disk in my array. During install/uninstall/install/transport of the various components the  power connector got loose on one disk, so my array was degraded.  Rebuilt the array (took 4:30 hours) and everything appeared to work.  Only the BIOS settings to adjust, but then Windows needed reactivation because of the new mobo/video card. Done and on to  installing the latest nVidia driver and utilities.

      Try  the hack and no, it does not work. Only after a complete uninstall of CS4 does it work. And then reinstall another CS4 program to reenable Acrobat.

      The moral of the story (I can for not thinking about this earlier) is that when you have a problem, carefully consider all the changes made to your system in order to identify the potential causes. Service technicians do not have that knowledge, only you.

      Had I considered the stupid cable as a possible cause of my problems, it would have been solved in 5 minutes, now it took me 2 days with the disassembly, and assembly and all the intermediate steps in my rather crowded system.

      I consider myself lucky that I did not lose any data, even my mobo raid still worked, but it was a lousy experience.

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          Powered by Design Level 4

          Thanks for sharing Harm.


          It sure is easy to overlook something like that.


          I cant wait to build a new system but have to pay bills first.


          For now my XP will have to do but maybe by the time I am ready most of the CS5 bugs will be worked out.


          Not that this was a CS5 issue for you just talking in general for myself.


          It looks like new New Egg has the new 6GB/s hard dives in.


          http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2%2050001306%2040000014%201035 950147&name=SATA%206.0Gb%2fs


          A new system is going to be great once I get there.


          I sure hope I get around to building it before CS6   lol



          ENjoy:  Glenn

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            many thanks for this post. it helps the newbies to realize that the experts/experienced/inteligent can mess up too.

            with this experience...what does it teach you in regards to how to go about solving a problem. i think that is what we all need to learn

            the most...

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              Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

              Harm Wrote:

              "Done and on to  installing the latest nVidia driver and utilities."


              I hate tearing a system apart, trying to discover why something's not working.  I just inherited an Xtreme Notebook.  The owner of the company I work for just bought a new Sager because the Xtreme was bluescreening.  Xtreme went out of business.  The notebook uses a "Clevo" motherboard, model D900C.  Unfortunately, I can't find updated drivers designed for Windows 7.  This is one of those monster notebooks with a 17" screen, 3 internal 7200 hard drives, an intel Q9550 processor with twin Nvidia 8800M GTX graphic cards.


              It turns out that the Nvidia graphics card drivers are causing the bluescreen.  I am positive that the reason is because I need updated drivers for Windows 7 from Clevo, if they even exist.  We bought another CS5 Production Premium license so I can use this for editing out of town in a few weeks.  Everything seems to work fine using the generic driver provided by Microsoft or whoever.  The card's memory falls short of the MPE requirements which would of course require the hack.


              Anyway, glad to hear you are back up and running.