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    adding a third (down" behavior to my navigation buttons

    sbell2200 Level 1
      Hello, I've designed my first two-state navigation bar using DW-generated behaviors (Javascripts).
      I have an "up" (inactive) graphic, and a "mouseover" graphic working. I also have a "down" state
      graphic created, but don't see how I would apply that in Dreamweaver. This means I have to go
      in and modify the nav bar on every page (swapping out the "up" graphic for the down, as the default),
      a real hassle.

      I'd like to modify the Javascript so that the "down" state button is displayed whenever
      the browser address = the page's address (when you've landed on that page).
      I don't see a way to do that in DW, but perhaps there is a way? Or would it require
      manual JavaScript coding?

      If I can get the third (down) state added to every button in the nav bar, then I would be able to maintain
      ONE nav bar and just replicate it on every page. What would be the proper way to set that up, so changing the
      nave bar one place would change it everywhere (without using templates?).

      The url is www.pulversbriar.com (the horizontal nav bar). I've also attached the code for the table that the nav bar sets
      in, on the "attach code" button.

      I am going to have to rework my button graphics, don't like the way they turned out (dark at the center when active),
      but that is an easy task in Fireworks. I'm more concerned with getting a single nav bar working first, per above.

      Going to have to learn some Javascript coding... thanks in advance for any help...

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          sbell2200 Level 1
          I think I may have figured out how to do (at least part of) this in DW. My new
          'nav bar code) is attached. I added a third behavior, onMouseDown,
          but the third ("down") graphic doesn't work reliably on all buttons.
          Wonder if I should have used the "onKeyDown" behavior instead?
          I want the darker button to display when you're on a page.

          I manually copied the nav bar to each of the 10 pages. At least it's now
          the same for every page. But I would like to have a way (without using
          frames or templates) to keep the nav bar in one place, and just "invoke"
          or call it, on every page it's used.

          I also fixed the button graphics... that was the easy part:)

          Am I approaching this reasonably correctly, without getting too fancy?


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            sbell2200 Level 1
            the odd thing is, even though I copied the same nav bar onto every page
            and uploaded them... in Galleries 4 & 6, the Nav button doesn't retain
            the "down" (darkened) state when you're on (just) those two pages.
            A real puzzler.