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    creating an eating schedule in Flash 8 (newbie here)


      I am working on a website that focuses on a specific diet. On days that the person exercises, they eat from the time their workout starts until 9 hours later. On days that they don't exercise, their eating window is 2 hours after their normal exercise time until 6 hours later.


      Here is what I'm looking to achieve:


      A visitor enters a workout time (example: 1pm) and checks off the days that they work out. From there, it generates a schedule for the week that lists the eating times for each day. For example, if they exercise mon/wed/fri at 1pm it will look like the follwing:

      Sunday eating times: 3pm-9pm

      Monday: 1-9

      Tuesday: 3-9

      wed: 1-9



      If anybody could point me to a tutorial to something similiar, that would be great. I might consider hiring a freelancer, but would be nice to be able to do it myself.


      Thanks so much