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    Fullscreen mode acting weird.




      I have a very tidious problem with the fullscreen function and If anyone could help me out I'd be really thankful.


      I'm making a presentation and after moving it to another computer it starts acting really weird when in fullscreen mode.

      It's layed out like this:

      First there's an intro frame where you can toggle fullscreen via a invisible button on the same frame there's a start button that starts a intro movie.



      The presentation works fine when I'm not in fullscreen but as soon as I press the start button(to initiate the movie) everything just goes black.

      It works fine without the fullscreen and it works fine in both fullscreen and normally on my main computer.


      this.fullscreen_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, toggleFullscreen);

      stage.scaleMode = "exactFit";

      function toggleFullscreen(event:MouseEvent) {
          if (stage.displayState == "fullScreen") {
              stage.displayState = "normal";
          } else {
              stage.displayState = "fullScreen";


      I've tried on 2 differnt computers, other than my main, and with the same result, the intro film plays fine while in normal mode but in fullscreen mode it just goes blank.


      If anyone has a clue I'd be very happy

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          Tarus121 Level 1

          I have now encountered this error:


          Reference: Error #1056: Cannot create property vid on flash.display.stage.


          Where vid is the name of my FLVplayback on frame 2.


          I've also figured out that if I manually import the FLVplayback this might solve the problem, I have no idea how to do so though.