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    Ran out of memory


      Hi, I've got a big game I need to publish. I've bin developing an intro animation in one file and the game in another. When I put em together in one .FLA, it won't export to a .SWF. The export bar gets to about 80%, then says Flash has ran out of memory and quits.


      Since then I bought a new PC, went from 1GB o ram to 3. It's great fun; but I still get this problem in round about the same place.


      I've tried just loading the animation into the game with loadMovie(); (I'm using Flash 8) and that works- but my client's kind of nervous about having seperate files all over the place. So if I could somehow get Flash to export this game as one big file, I will be absolutely happy as Larry.


      Someone please tell me what I should be doing, cos this has bin fightin against me for days.