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    Lift and Extract from Project Window.

    Intercostal Level 1

      I'm exploring areas I've never used in PP CS3.


      I understand how Lift and Extract are SUPPOSED to work.


      What I am experiencing is that unless a clip is in a certain layer (that is highlighted), it doesn't lift or extract.


      In this case it's layer 4.


      Based on how I've read this function is supposed to work,  I'd image it would extract from any clip under the lift/extract area.


      However, unless the clip is in layer 4(in this project) it doest work. Move a clip to layer 4, it does.


      Do I have some strange preference set?


      The capture below shows the only layer that gets extracted. You can see the blue highlighted area in the pic below.

      Only a clip that intersects with that layer will be lifted or extracted. Not the clip 2 layers below.