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    Graphics card for CS4


      Dear all,

      I plan to build a new PC (Intel i7 930 + 6GB) for my father, he does video editing with Premiere Pro CS4.

      I´ve been reading the post "Looking for a best PC configuration to run Adobe Premiere CS4/CS5", but I´d like to ask you a few questions:

      1) Why do I need three hard drives?. Is it not good with two disks? (one for OS and another for editing?). What is the third disk exactly for?.

      2) Is the NVIDIA GTX 285 noisy?. If I buy instead a Gigabyte NVIDIA 9800 GT Silent (fanless, 1GB DDR3) would I get good performance?. I don´t see the 9800GT in the graphic card compatibility list of Premiere CS4.





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          Powered by Design Level 4

          I have the 9800GT and CS4 it works fine but if you looking forward to CS5 the MPE wont be an option unless you get an approved card.


          What that means is you cant turn on that feature.


          If your not getting CS5 right away it would be best just getting a cheap card since CS4 doesnt use the graphics card like CS5 does anyway.


          That way when you get CS5 you can get an approved card.


          Its not official but it sounds like they are testing the 480GTX fermi card.  only time will tell.


          As far as drives here is harms Rule:

          Rule 3: Use at least 3 different physical disks on an  editing machine, one for OS/programs, one for media and one for  pagefile/scratch/renders.


          This was copied from his Raid column.




          Also it wont cost much more to jump to 12GB of ram if you going to use Dynamic Link any.



          ENjoy:  Glenn

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            Harm Millaard Level 7
            Why three hard drives?


            Let's say you get 10 friends over for a 5 course dinner. You need to  set the table, you need to cook all courses and you can't do all things  at the same time. Now if you have no one to help you, it will take a lot  more time to get everything ready than when you had two or three people  helping you, one to set the table, one to prepare the vegetables, one  the meat or fish, and one for the starter and desserts.


            The same  applies to disks. If you have only one disk, it will take a lot more  time to accomplish everything that must be done than when you can split  up all the activities over multiple disks. Three disks is about the  minimum number of disks for comfortable editing.


            Is the NVIDIA GTX 285 noisy?.


            Only if the fan goes faster, but then it is needed to keep the temperatures in check. With CS4 it will run at a fow fan speed and be pretty quiet, but with CS5 and MPE it can get pretty loud if heavily stressed.

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              Metheny35 Level 1

              Oh I see, thanks.


              If I understand correctly, that means using 9800GT or GTX285 in CS4 makes no noticeable difference.


              But if I buy GTX285 and CS5 I could activate that MPE functionality and have better performance.




              Best regards.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Completely correct. Have a look here for further info: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2816984?tstart=0#2816984