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    Space Bar Hand Move & CMD-Space Zoom Not Working—CS5

    rudy713 Level 1

      Today, all of a sudden, two of my most used functions—holding down the space bar to move the image around and holding down CMD-space bar to zoom—just up and quit on me (I do like the "Scrubby" but it took a little getting used to. It's very touch screen-esque).


      I did all of the normal trouble shooting such as deleting the prefs, relaunching, restarting, etc. Nothing. The functions work fine in the other CS5 programs.


      Anybody else come across this? I checked through all of the prefs thinking that perhaps I accidentally changed something but I couldn't find anything. If all else fails, I'll do an uninstall/reinstall but only as a last resort.


      I did notice that Adobe finally fixed the Distort (in Full Screen Mode) bug that was killing me in CS4.


      Thanks for any help.

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