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    Flex Components Month End Review


      This month was code heavy with examples posted for Audio  Visualizations, Visual Reflections, 3D Bitmaps, Runtime CSS with CSS 3  Borders,  AutoScroll Galleries and  Metadata Parsing in Flex  2.

      Although most of the components used in these examples aren’t  complete,  I feel relieved that they are finally out in the community,  and I hope  that they are improved upon and used regularly. I have posted  the full  com.fusiox  source library to make it easier to download and explore.  Here is  how it breaks out.

      com.fusiox.media.ID3ReaderThe ID3Reader Component is used to  parse the raw bytes of an ID3 tag  into an array of AS3 objects. It is  capable of parsing frame types that  the core ID3 object can’t yet,  including embedded images.

      The ID3Stream Component is used to download the ID3 portion of an  MP3  file and load it into an ID3Reader instance. This allows users to  view  the MP3’s metadata quickly without having to download the whole  file.


      For More review : Here