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    DDList openDuration in Flex 4 spark


      Good day,


      i would need to have nice slider effect in spark drop down list control. In mx components i would do it with openDuration and closeDuration properties (i guess so)... How would i do it in spark components? as i understand - i need to use Move effect? But can not find no examples with combo box or ddlist.. could anybody share some example with me?



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          TeotiGraphix Level 3



          I actually tried piecing together something to show you but, it's not that easy.


          The new Spark DropDown does not allow for default animation. What I came up with was basically;


          - add an open handler to the ComboBox

          - create a mask for the dropDown

          - create an effect that you play during the open handler


          This is crazy, and one reason I'm not posting code since I don't know if it's the correct way or not yet. All I know is there is no easy way to do this without either creating it programmatically like I did or copying that huge skin and added transitions in there.


          One problem I also had was trying to get a close effect since the dropDown is already gone before you get your hands on the close handler.


          I'll post more if I find anything.



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            arkady26 Level 1

            Hello Mike,


            thanks for your help.


            So maybe the skin would be the better way to go here?

            Anyway i have a custom skin for my DDL (i have an icon before text).