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    CS5 undocked windows positions move

    SiliconPixel Level 1

      I wonder if anyone else has seen this - I'm not sure if it's a Premiere or graphics driver / OS issue?


      Win 7 64 bit


      Dual screen setup (1920x1200) on one graphic card - nVidia 9600 GT


      I created a new workspace and undocked several panels and arranged them in one main panel. Main app was maximised on the left screen, undocked panel was arranged on the right hand screen.


      When I restart PPro, the undocked panel is shifted down the screen by approx. 100 pixels or so.


      Anyone seen this behaviour?


      Not a huge problem but just one of those little annoyances.





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          Desmond Quinn-DlGdEz

          Does it make any difference if you reset the workspace after you restart Premiere?

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            SiliconPixel Level 1

            I found the problem - or rather possibly understand why it's doing it:


            I was moving the undocked window off the top of the screen slightly - as the title bar serves no particular use and is just an extra bit of wasted space - I found out that if you move it too far up, when re-opening the project, Premiere will move it way down the screen. I presume this is so you don't lose control over a window that's off-screen, maybe due to a screen resolution change etc???


            It would be really nice if undocked windows didn't have such wide borders - or if they could be maximised to a screen - that would be great and claim back a few valuable pixels!