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    nvidia gtx 480 or quadro fx5800

    Baz R Level 3



      I already have a nvidia quadro FX5800 & a Nvidia gtx 285 2gb, is it worth keeping these cards for CS5 or is it Best to invest in a GTX480.


      i am in the middle of building a new machine soon. and would be good to get some advise.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          With the two cards you have, especially the 5800, it seems better to await certification and the appearance of the first benchmarks to decide whether a 480 would be advisable. Also keep in mind that the new line of Quadro's may be announced in June and these will be based on the Fermi architecture.


          My advise is to wait. You can use MPE without limitations on the 5800 and with limitations on the 285.

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