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    Files based on template don't update.


      Hi all,


      I have made a template file for a new website, and two test files based on this template, just to test the function of templating.

      When I modify my template file and save it, no changes are made to the two files based on this template.

      Very irritating!!! What am I doing wrong? The template file is in the Templates directory, the two test files are in the root folder. Nothing strange I think...


      Thanks for your help.





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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          If your child pages are open when you update the Template, you need to save them again (after you have saved the Template).


          You can update "all pages based on your template" at Modify > Templates > Update pages: Files that use... [choose the name of your template]


          I'm also assuming that the changes that you are making are within the Ineditable Regions of your Template. Changes made in the Editable Regions will not, by design, change when you change that part of the Template.




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