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    High browser memory usage when streaming video


      I'm using Flex 4 and the Spark VideoPlayer.  I'm creating an application where you switch between several videos.  I noticed that the browser memory usage increases significantly when changing videos and never releases the memory.  I ran tests where the video is being served over a content delivery network that has Flash Media Server, so the content shouldn't be caching in the browser.  I profiled my Flex application and the memory usage increases slightly when changing videos.  I think that is attributed to this bug: https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/SDK-25785.  However, my browser memory usage increases about 20MB when changing videos.  The video file I used to test is an mp4 file that is about 3MB in size.  I tried testing using a small video (about 300Kb) and noticed an increase of about 5MB in browser memory usage every time I replayed it.  So it looks like it's based on the video file size.  I was testing on Firefox and noticed the same results in Chrome.  Any idea why the browser memory usage would increase so much every time the video is loaded?

      Thanks in advance.