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    Incorrect "Incorrect number of arguments" error

    dansumption Level 1

      Something strange has just happened to my Flex project.


      In the problems panel, it has started showing one error:

      Incorrect number of arguments. Expected 1.


      It gives me a file name (my main application file) and a line number. However, in the editor no error icon is shown against the line indicated, there is no method call on the line indicated, the line number does not change even if I radically change the contents of the file, and the error does not prevent compilation & completely succesful running of my application (although of course it warns me that the project has errors).


      The error first showed up when I added another Window-based mxml file to my application, although removing this file again does not make the error go away. I've also tried cleaning all my projects, and restarting Flash Builder, but all to no avail.


      Although it doesn't seem to have any bearing on the functioning of the app, it's driving me crazy having to dismiss the error dialog every time I compile.


      Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?



      Dan Sumption