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    CS5 versus CS4

    pp46 Level 1


      I have CS4 set up on a corei7  with 6G ram 2 x  Raptor HD, Nvidia 512 Mo, Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

      My problem is that I am not satisfied with the performance overwhole either using HD or DV.

      Whilst editing  the video is jumpy and the final result is not very good either.


      I understand that importing HDV is maybe too much for the program because of the compression rate..

      Hence with Mac/FC there is the prores codec.


      I am  a Unix user and only use windows for this, I am very unsatisfied with this product (windows7)  and am now seriously looking to get a mac.


      But I just wanted to know first (as a mac is  big investement) if upgrading to CS5 would improve the programms performance seeing as its finally 64 bit


      has anybody noticed an improvement in fluidity whilst editing etc..



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Why not make is easy on yourself and use Autodesk Flame and the rest of the family. It runs on Unix.


          CS5 is significantly faster than CS4 on Win7. MAC is still severly handicapped by lousy threading if the posts on different fora are correct.

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            shooternz Level 6

            If your system can not edit even basic DV...it is an indication of a serious problem in your hardware or setup.


            DV can be edited smoothly and easily with a significantly lower spec than what you have and has been doing so perfectly since  version 1.

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              pp46 Level 1

              Hi well thank you for this post, It was basically what I wanted to know concerning upgrading to CS5.


              I have tried Cinellera on Linux it ressembles more a "typical" video editing app, but it is really complicated.

              Premiere is really quite intuitive so I will give it an other shot with CS5 now that its 64bit the 6 Go ram will be used I hope...


              Remains that Windows has a real problem handling memory and it is a very heavy OS with an enormous amount of disk activity...

              So I am not expecting a miricle there


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                pp46 Level 1


                Yeah well it can edit dv but i still find it choppy, and I have heard that with HDV compression it stuggles to read and play at the same time straight from the cam. Now its also possible that this is related to my cam and the fact that it uses tapes (Canon XHA1S)

                Additionnaly I plugged my cam into an IMAC in the shop  this had  a quad using FCL I was not really impressed so I reckon the problem is elsewhere, probably me...


                I will move to CS5 and see what happens for now...



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                  Curt Wrigley Level 4

                  HDV edits pretty smoothly in both CS4 or CS5 as long as your system is above min specs.   HDV edits much easier than AVCHD (for example)

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                    pp46 Level 1

                    Hi there Curt, the thing is as mentioned before I tried CS4 on a Mac and found it to be the same and the guy in the Mac store (he would) said that FCL worked better then Premiere.

                    Now we are talking about a 4K$+  Machine here I do not see myself going for that being just an "enlightened amateur" so this has to work on my current set up.


                    I just made a 7 min clip with nature shots, all hand heldn, the panning shots with zoom seem to break up but the stills are crystall clear. Is there somewhere were I can upload these maybe in FLV so that I could get an opinion..?