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    Adobe 9.3 Blocking data on forms


      We have upgraded to version

      9.3.2 and when importing data from sql database to adobe forms it is blocking the data.  You can set it to always trust the form but a few days later on the same form it reverts back to blocking the data.


      Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to set this permanently so it doesn't block the data?

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          I'm having the exact same problem.  Except I don't know how to set it to trust the form.  I've got the form on one server on a network segment and my SQL database on a different segment.  Do you know how I can set it up so the fields in the form populate with the requested SQL data?  Even if it reverts back to not working it'd still be a step forward for me.

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            Tigradma Level 1

            You need to generate the form into adobe and remove any auto print parameters.  Once you have done this you will have a yellow bar appear at the top of the screen.  Click Options on the right hand side and and select the always trust option.


            I have found that approximately every 3-4 days this reverts back and you need to follow these steps again.  Hope it helps