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    This is so stupid


      Why would you make CS 5 AfterEffects for 64 bit systems only?
      I recently ordered 29x Master Collection CS 5 packages for my company , and now I have to spedn another $10,000-$15,000 to upgrade all the computers in my office, this is unbelivable.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          See this thread:



          and this announcement from several months ago:



          We announced this move a long time ago, we list the requirement on the system requirements page (http://www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects/systemreqs/), and we provide a 32-bit version of After Effects CS4 in the box with Master Collection CS5 and Production Premium CS5.


          We made a necessary move, and we thought that we had done everything that we could to make the transition transparent and as easy as possible for custoemrs like you.

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            RostyslavMelnyk Level 1

            Yea I noticed extra Cs4 AE, but we have that from previous order of CS 4. So there is no way to get CS 5 on 32 bit systems?

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Adobe were VERY upfront about leaving 32 bit OSs behind.  This was announced months ago.


              Much like the departure from Mac Power PC to Intel conversion, there comes a time when old technology must be left behind.  After Effects users have been screaming for 64 bit support for years.  Now we have it.


              I'm sorry this has affected you negatively, but there's no essential reason to adopt CS5 so quickly if your hardware isn't up to it.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                So there is no way to get CS 5 on 32 bit systems?


                no, there isn't, because no 32bit version exists. I can only chime in with Andrew - that AE and Premiere pro would only be 64bit has been officially known since last IBC (September 2009) and been announced on various blogs, news sites and even on Adobe TV. Surely enough time to make an educated decision about upgrading or not...



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                  bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

                  I sunk a well on my property before having the water thoroughly tested.

                  took me three years to face the inevitable: I needed a water softener.


                  "Stupid" often comes up in consumer issues around here.



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                    elaine montoya Level 3

                    Do you still wish you were using a Mac IIci as well? Or a DOS machine? Just think ... if companies like Adobe didn't make upgrades like the recent 64-bit feature in Production Premium, our productivity would be minimal. As industry professionals, it's important to keep moving forward to stay competitive in the marketplace.


                    If you're not ready to transition to 64 bit machines, then you might want to consider staying with CS4. As you start replacing your older equipment, you can then begin to add CS5 licenses.


                    If you have a high volume of work though - particularly in the video realm (think Cuda), then making the move now could potentially save you a substantial amount of time - which translates to money,


                    good luck!


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                      What complicates the matter further is the lack of integrity in the system requirements.

                      Windows XP Pro x64 is not included in the supported OS list.  Photoshop CS5 installs fine but After Effects and Premier Pro CS5 do not.  My hardware is up to the challenge since 2005 and I do  not have any other need to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit OS, than the installation of AE and Pr pro CS5.

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                        yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                        WIndows XPx64 support in AE was dropped in CS4. You could still install it at that time and it worked almost without any problem.


                        It was a choice to make to disallow AE CS5 on WinXPx64. I think the team disallowed it because as many people don't always look on required specs, they didn't want people to install it on XPx64 and complains of bugs / stuff not working properly and blame it on AE instead of blaming it on themselves.


                        I know it can be upsetting, but that how it is. And the major difference between PS and AE is that the Ps team is 300+ people whereas the Ae team is about 40 people. So they have to make difficult choices more often than other teams in Adobeland.

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                          You seem to have the expertise that I need at the moment, especially since Adobe is closed to custom


                          I have received my CS5 upgrade disk from Adobe. As promised, it lists 64 bit as being included.

                          My machine is on XP Pro 64 bit.

                          The Adobe package states that when running XP, I will need MS's SP3.

                          MS states that there is no such thing as SP3 for 64 bit. Only 32 bot can use SP3. 64 bit XP stops at SP2.

                          Again the Adobe packaging ststes that it works for both 32 & 64, but requires SP3 which does not exist for 64 bit.


                          What's my next move?


                          Many thanks,






                          (stupid name)

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                            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                            As stated on the AE product page, you'll need Windows Vista or Windows 7 in 64 to run AE CS5.


                            Win XP 64 is not supported.


                            Hope that helps,



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                              Todd_Kopriva Level 8
                              > since Adobe is closed to customers.


                              What do you mean? Closed in what way?


                              Regarding the system requirements, the web page and the box both say that 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 are required.