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    Advanced Grain/Noise Control


      I often feel the need to have more control over adding grain and noise back to an area in an image while retouching.  My temporary workaround has been to freetransform a noise or grain layer larger after the adjustment has been made.  Specifically, it would be invaluable to have control over the size and shape of the grain on a more advanced level during the filter process.


      Since many of the files I've worked on are 40 megapixels plus, the noise and grain filters create textures much to small to be realistic when viewing the image at an appropriate size.


      Thanks for consideration!

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          My workaround for such situations are a couple of noise-Patterns that I apply to Layers as Pattern Overlay with Blend Mode Linear Light and reduced Opacity.

          Patterns can be scaled, though that sometimes makes the repetitions more noticeable, so I have patterns in differing sizes.

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            Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

            This is actually a very good request. The ability to analyse existing image structure and noise, and re-apply it to selected areas would be a useful feature


            At the moment reproducing and moving high frequency image structure can be done with various advanced techniques. But these are somewhat complex, and not generally known. And don't tackle the whole issue. Workarounds like producing fake scaled noise and blurring can also be used, but require work. 


            Its a request that has been touched on before.