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    Trigger another Buttons state with JS


      I'm looking for some help with a little problem, I a bit of a JavaScript novice, but can occaisionally get things to do what i need them to do.  (Whether the scripting is actually clean or not is another matter entirely!)


      I have a document with two sets buttons of buttons, set out as such:









      Basically, the buttons are in two different locations on the page, and are needed for different reasons, setA-1 associated with setB-1, and so on respectively.  The button actions between the respective buttons are the same, ie. the MouseDown event for setA-1 opens the weblink www.google.com, as does the MouseDown event for setB-1.


      What I need to do is show the rollover state for setB-1 when the mouse rolls over setA-1, and vice versa without using the 'getIcon' and 'setIcon' functions.  (I've realised that that method doesn't work all that well for buttons that have been created in InDesign.)


      I thought this would be a relatively easy thing to script for each button, and then to apply that script on the document level, but I'm having difficulty getting it to work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance.