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    Looking for RSS html plug-in (javascript?)


      HI - I am looking for a reference for a plug in that would allow me to show on a client's website an RSS feed to a blog we've set up.  I am looking for a plug in that I would purchase once... or only have a one time license.


      So, the end result would be -- any time the blog updates, the RSS on the home page will indicate the new blog item.


      I have found some free options out there... but do not want a credit line on the bottom and do not want to pay a yearly fee (like http://www.rssinclude.com) is looking for...


      Ideas are welcomed!


      Thank you in advance!

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          RSS is made up of XML. Spry, the JavaScript framework that ships with Dreamweaver CS4+ knows how to handle XML. So putting 2 and 2 together, you can use Spry to build a little section that reads in the most current items of the RSS feed. To manage what items get shown, you'll have to tweak the RSS feed settings (or whatever you have in the backend creating the RSS feed). Hope this helps you in the right direction.