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    Requesting help-Schema creation and databinding

    PagesOfJoy Level 1

      We are using Livecycle ES 2, I am facing issues in traversing forms from one stage to another, forms are not holding datas from the previous stages.


      The steps which I followed are,

      1) Created schema to define the fields and data types

      2) Created two new forms in designer , to which schema has been binded to corresponding fields(data View ->> Create Connection->> Schema)

      3) Created a process, created two XML variables(xfaform data type has not been found!)  to hold the created forms

      4) Form1 has been mapped to XMLVariable1

      5) Form2 has been mapped to XMLVariable2

      6) On process, in stage1 - Form1 should appear and in stage2 - Form2 should appear to the end user

      7) in between stage1 and stage2, a setvalue stage is there to map the common data from form1 to form2

      8) So in stage2, user will get form2 well binded with the data from form2

      + few extra fields for user inputs

      9) To map the  data from form1 to form2, I am using "Location-Expression"

      property of setvalue stage

      10) "Location-Expression" is using the XMLvariables - drill down

      XMLVariable2(/process_data/IMFormData/xdp/datasets/data) assign




      But, when the form reaches stage2, form2 doesnt holding the data from



      Please help me to sort it out.Also, please let me know if there any tools or tips with you to create schema in much faster and efficient way.


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          pguerett Level 6

          In ES2 xfaform vars are not required. Are you submitting the data through a form that started as an XDP? If so there might be an extra xdp node in the structure. The easiest way to determine this is to turn on record and playback and see what the structure of teh 1st xml var is.



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            PagesOfJoy Level 1

            Actually i saved the form as pdf.can u please suggest an

            y good tool to create schema so that it will be easier to design the pdf form and to bind the fields

            from xml schema to the pdf form.

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              pguerett Level 6

              You do not need a schema (but you can use one if you need it). The form design is in fact a definition of the data structure. By default when a form is created without a schema the fields get Normal binding which allows data files with nodes and structure that have the same name as the field to populate those fields.


              If you still want to create a schema ...you can go into the File/Form Properties/Preview tab and create sampel data. This sample data file can be used by many programs that convert an XML file into a schema. Just do a search in teh web for xml to schema creation and you will get many hits.


              Lastly you coudl even use the sample XML file as the input file (Designer's Data connections allow for a sample xml file as well).


              Hope that helps



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                PagesOfJoy Level 1

                My issue is that i am using more than one form in my process.I need to bind the datas of the first form to the second form.In my early process i used to design the form by using xml schema.That process was also having more than one form.So in my current process i am using two forms.In the first form user fill his information and will forward it to next user.So the next user will get datas of the first form plus some added fields so that he can add his own information.So inorder to implement this my plan is to use one particular schema for bot the forms so that the binding of the data will make it easier.hope u are able to understand my points.

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                  pguerett Level 6

                  Then a schema is the way to go but you will have to build it. You can use the data file technique I mentioned earlier to get a head start on the design but you will have to add any additional fields for the 2nd form by hand.



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                    PagesOfJoy Level 1

                    i have designed a sample form which is having few fields.i also designed another form which is used in the second stage.In the workbench i created two users for the process flow.My process starts with a user submiitting a form(first form) to a manager.here i used set value operation to hold de first form and then i used assign task operation to perform task.the form is coming properly .the next stage is like the manager shoul get the filled form along with the new fileds (2nd form).when form is coming to manager all the fields are coming but datas are not displaying.since i am using livecycle es 2 version 9 am little bit confused about assigning form to the properties.Can u help me to solve dis issue.


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                      PagesOfJoy Level 1

                      Hi , i want to ask u one question.since xfaform data type is not available in the es2 version 9,how will i assign a form to a varaibale.ie.i have to declare one variable inorde to hold the form data,but my question is what data type i should use inorder to meet this requirement.