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    Reader damaged or corrupted files




      I downloaded the new version of Adobe Reader (from the Adobe site) last week.


      After that I began having trouble opening pdf files that I had created with Illustrator (I hadn't had that problem before and didn't connect it to the Reader update) - the message said something like 'couldn't open ... since the file is damaged'.  I'd save the file as a pdf, open it to check it was there (which it was), close it and couldn't re-open it again (on my computer nor on a friend's computer) - it also did something dodgy to the original illustrator file so that became damaged and wouldn't open either...


      Then other files on the USB stick that I had stored the files on also began to be damaged/unreadable with scrambled file names - I couldn't open or delete the files from the stick either! Now most of the files are missing or damaged - even though I hadn't opened them before they scrambled...


      I also lost a number of files on an external drive that I was using to try and rescue some of the files on the stick that looked like they might be okay - scrambled file names etc


      So far my computer itself seems to be okay (cross fingers!)


      I run up-to-date virus scanning software - which says the files are 'clean'


      I unistalled Adobe Reader completely (after my browser started telling me that it couldn't read pdf's) and installed Acrobat - I can now happily open pdf files without a problem.


      BUT - I'd like to be able to repair all the other lost files... any tips/hints on how I might do it?



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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          If this also happens w

          ith files that are not PDFs, I would suspect corruption in the pendrive, and run a repair program if I had one...

          Extra linefeed kindly provided by the software.

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            ShazWhatName Level 1

            Thanks for that Gonzalez...


            It has also now included non-pdf files


            Is it possible that the corruption from one pen drive also transferred to the other drive when I transferred files? (sorry, it is a serious question, I'm a minor luddite with these things)



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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

              If the corruption "propagated" from PDFs to non PDFs, and from a pendrive to another drive, I would suspect a virus of some kind. But you say you have run an antivirus with up to date definitions?

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                ShazWhatName Level 1

                Yep - virus software updates itself daily - in addition, when files started being a problem on the USB I suspected a virus, manually updated the virus software and ran it over the USB as well as my computer - both were 'clean'


                Then I also ran them both through some malware software - some cookies deleted from the computer, but the stick was clear (as was the other external drive which is now a problem).... Perhaps that was where the bug was? But I would've thought that the virus software should've picked it up too, shouldn't it?


                Although it started with pdfs and illustrator files, I did lose other types of files as well (including word, excel etc)


                Since I deleted the Reader (which was AFTER I'd run the virus software), the spreading corruption problems have stopped (I haven't lost any more files/documents) and I can now open and reopen pdfs and Illustrator documents without any problems - though it may just be a coincidence that the two things started and stopped at the same time...


                If it is/was a virus that is now gone (or appears to be), is it possible that I might be able to recover them?  Can you give me any tips for what I should look for in recovery programmes/software?