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    help! - copying dynamic content

      I'm trying to load a picture (actually, about 40, but one at a time... I really want to avoid multiple loads of each jpg) into 3 different movie clips.

      It's actually the same symbol as three different movie clip instances, but I don't know if that makes any difference... here's the site you can go to to see what I'm talking about...


      What you see on the site is just jpg content in the main swf file. I'm working on loading the pictures dynamically (obviously, it will be more than just 2 images... but that's beside the point for now...) but, if you look closely, each picture exists on three movie clip instances:
      - on the main stage
      - in the thumbnails
      - in the monacle

      So, here's my question. I want to just load each picture once and use it in all three places - i don't want to have to load the picture (or different versions of the picture) over and over. My hangup is that duplicateMovieClip() doesn't copy dynamically loaded content. Any work-arounds? tips??


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          no work-arounds. load it 3 times. but wait until you've loaded it completed once before starting the other 2 downloads. that way the file will be retrieved from the user's cache and not actually downloaded.
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            blemmo Level 1
            You could use the BitmapData class, but it is Flash 8 only. Create a BitmapData object from the loaded MC and attach it to another MC, et voila, quite simple. However, BitmapData objects need some memory, so if you need 3 instances for each picture, it might be that you run into memory problems. Loading those pics again (from the cache) will need less memory, I think.