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    Invalid server root


      I''ve installed FLEX2 and Flex Data Services whithout problems, made some developpments with FLEX and execute the samples of the Flex data services Express.

      But now I want to developp some application with all of it, so in the Eclipse interface I select New -> Flex project -> then I select 'Flex Data Services ' and 'Compile application locally in flex builder' -> Next
      -> there's a popup window called 'Create a Flex project' opening with the message

      Invalid server root. flex-config.xml or flex-enterprise-services.xml must exist in the WEB-INF/flex folder within the server root.

      but these files well exist in those C:\fds2\jrun4\servers\default\flex\WEB-INF

      Is there a restiction due to the Expresse version of the Flex Data Services I use ? how can I do ?

      Thank you in advance