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    Older hardware and CS5

    Anthony Abegglen

      This is a question I have been asked a few times by customer and friends also which I also wanting to know.

      Generally a lot of people out there have Quad core systems usesing graphics cards like the 250 and if you use Win7 64bit, 8gigs of ram with and about 2tb hardrives 0-raid,some user also are editing with CS3 and CS4. Some edit only SDand HDV. As a exsample my  spec:

      Quad core Q8300 cpu

      4 gigs 1333 fsb

      Asus MB p5q3

      Gefore 250 card

      4x 500 gig 0 raid

      XP Pro .

      I know XP cannot be used and 4gigs ram under the needed for CS5, but if you run Win7 64bit and 8gig ram  , CS4 work fairly well would CS5 work . It is say that CS5 is faster than CS4 only , if you run higher spec on MB , graphics cards ram etc .....


      I and a few who do not edit ADCHV but still edit SD and HDV. We do not want to upgrade due to buying hardware a few months ago  ,do not want to spend a lot of money upgrading or buying new hardware now, but want to use CS5 .


      Is there some body that has tested CS5 on a older Quad core system with simliar spec? OR  those of you like Harm that can give insight. as it would help us


      Thanks for the input.