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    AVCHD or DVCPro


      Hi Guy’s,



      I’m wondering what is better to work with in PPRo.

      AVCHD or DVCPro? And what are the benefits of that fileformat?


      I do own a Panasonic camera wich records in AVCHD… and when I read the info writen at this (https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/desk/e/download.htm#avchd ) article I would be able to convert AVCHD to DVCPro. I’am not using a camera mentiond in this piece of info but a HDC-TM300…




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          I work with both the HMC150 and TM300 quite often. The issue with AVCHD is scrubbing the timeline in Premiere Pro. Unless you've upgraded to CS5 AND have an approved nvidia card to accelerate the Mercury Playback Engine, scrubbing is jerky at best using AVCHD. That said, I will render the AVCHD into SD or DVCPro HD to ease my work. If your final output will be HD then stay in DVCPro HD. If your final output will be SD, transcode to SD first from AVCHD.


          Exporting AVCHD from Premiere Pro can be slow too. On my quad-core Dell XPS 630i system, exporting takes 2 minutes for every one minute of AVCHD. Unless I need to stay in HD, I always convert to SD for editing ease and speed.


          You can learn more at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48cKIbINgCk


          Good luck...